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Centurion Tow-er.

1/35 Scale


In the early years of Centurion service, the existing recovery vehicles weren’t up to the task. An interim measure was for various Centurion MK 1,2, & 3 hulls to be converted into Tow-ers pending the introduction of the purpose build Centurion ARV.

The turret was removed but the traverse gear was retained to drive a capstan drum fitted to the turret ring. The drum was purely there to provide stowage for the 300 ft 20-ton cable and not as a winch.

A hinged wishbone towing link and a fixed strong point anchor were fitted to the rear hull.


A detailed resin conversion of this early recovery vehicle. 

Turret ring adaptor plate is included so this can be built on any of the AFV Club Centurion kits.


All our instructions can be found here

Centurion Tow-er

SKU: NM013
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